Friday, February 27, 2009

HB 1595 Passes in the House...

Not surprising HB 1595, which creates the "statistcal abortion reporting act", passed in the House 93 Ayes to 4 Nays votes. This bill is bad because the reporting requirements, which would be listed on a state run website, is so detailed that you could actually identify in rural towns who had an abortion.

Why would our legislators (minus Rep. Ryan Kiesel, Rep. Jeannie McDaniel, Rep. Mike Shelton and Rep. Al McAffrey) want to add more pain and anguish to an already difficult decision? So do-gooders in the community could hunt down the woman who decided to terminate an unwanted pregnancy and paint a red A on her door? Not to mention this bill has a fiscal impact report attached to it to the tune of more than $280,000!

When Oklahoma is struggling with a $900 million budget shortfall, tack on another $280,000 so we can see this website!

Now is the time to start calling your Senators and asking for them to vote no to hearing the bill in committee.

Do not assume that you won't be heard, please, please, please call...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sex ed throughout the years...

Found this gem from on sex education films from 1940 to date...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Congratulations to the authors of these great bills!

Prevention is the key! Planned Parenthood supports the following legislation which will increase access to birth control, lower the teen birth rate, assist victims of rape and protect access to contraception in rural areas:

HB 1348 – Rep. Jeannie McDaniel
Sexuality Education – Requiring that any Oklahoma Schools which teaches or distributes information on sexuality education, must have scientifically accurate materials;

HB 1353 – Rep. Jeannie McDaniel and SB 477 - Senator Tom Adelson
Compassionate Assistance for Rape Emergencies (CARE) Act – Requiring emergency rooms and other health are facilities that treat rape victims offer information on emergency contraception;

SB 264 – Senator Jim Wilson
Patient Protection Act – Requiring that pharmacies fill prescriptions for contraceptives and provide availability to over-the-counter emergency contraception, or follow guidelines set forth to fill a prescription in a timely manner;

SB 494 – Senator Constance Johnson
Right to Choose Life Act – An Act related to family planning. Requires coverage of prescription contraceptive drugs and devices; and

SB 495 – Senator Andrew Rice
Contraceptive Equity – Requiring Insurance companies to cover contraceptive supplies at the same rate that they would cover pregnancy, childbirth, and prenatal care.

If you've never had the pleasure of lobbying for (or against) legislation, you might check out the legislative process at Also, Planned Parenthood makes an effort to educate legislators about the good and bad bills which effect reproductive rights in our state but it takes calls from YOU,as a constituent in their district, to make an impact!

To find out who your legislator is click here!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Agenda, agenda, who has the House agenda...

Heard through the grapevine HJR 1009, which "strongly opposes the federal Freedom of Choice Act", is being heard to day in the House. This resolution by Rep. Sally Kern basically thumbs their noses at President Obama's support of reproductive rights. Please click here to read the resolution and call your Representative today to ask them not to vote for this resolution.