Monday, September 20, 2010

Tough times for choice

As you can tell, Pro-choice Oklahoma will be taking a huge hit for the next few years. Both of Oklahoma's Gubernatorial candidates have stated they are anti-choice with the exception of one candidate who believes its okay for a woman to terminate a pregnancy in the case of rape and incest or for the health of the mother.

This year, we've learned an important lesson...the more horrendous the bill coming out of our Oklahoma legislature, the worse we look. AND the worse we look, the more Oklahomans speak out! Thank goodness women and men across our state are forming their own groups to counter attack the war on women in Oklahoma and elect pro-choice legislators!

We've heard and seen just about every kind of anti-choice legislation created and the worst is yet to come. That said, prevention legislation is going to be key in lowering the abortion rate in Oklahoma.

So lets focus our energy on something that will create positive change in our state.

Look out for those education bills which support teaching our children age appropriate medically accurate sexuality education. Support programs that teach not only abstinence but educate on contraception. Watch for those bills which would require emergency contraception be offered at every Oklahoma hospital no matter what the church affiliation.

Prevention should be the focus for 2011-2012. We may not have much to stop anti-choice legislation but we can darn sure support any preventative legislation to help lower the rate of unintended and unwanted pregnacies in Oklahoma. Lets work together to get the word out, support our friendly lawmakers and make help these bills become law!