Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Certainly a wake-up call...

Pro-ana (anorexic) websites are very popular among young women. This story from NBC is definitely a wake-up call for everyone!

Can't seem to get the video downloaded so click here to see the whole story...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Loaded Terms

There is a new study out claiming that heterosexual teens who have sexual intercourse (meaning vaginal intercourse in this context) within romantic relationships perform academically at the same level as their abstinent counterparts.

Heather Corinna and the Scarleteen team have given the study a pretty firm critique, and the media sensationalising of the study an even bigger one. Various news reports are stating that committed relationships do less damage than casual sexual relationships or "hooking up." The study only used the terms romantic and non-romantic, which are loaded terms in and of themselves. What constitutes either to adults, let alone teenagers? The study also only suggests a correlation, not cause. There are of course, many environmental and social factors beyond sexual relationships that effect someones academic performance.

Friday, August 6, 2010

We like nice letters...

PPCO's outgoing summer intern wrote us a lovely note, thought we would share...

Two and a half months ago I began a journey that led me to a new way of thinking, seeing, and understanding the world and the relationships of the people within it. I had been poking at the surface of this path for a while now, but was submerged and immersed within it this summer. What started it all? My internship at Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma.

I expected to learn a lot about how a non-profit works and a bit about what Planned Parenthood does and yada yada. I, however, did not expect to become truly passionate about and involved in protecting women’s rights and Planned Parenthood’s role within that. I’m not saying I didn’t feel strongly about women having the right to choose, or just rights in general, because I did. But I now have much stronger and more solid understanding and reasoning behind it. Before, I knew people should have the right to make choices, whether the choices revolve around their sexual orientation, parenthood, etc, but I didn’t feel as closely connected to that belief or as involved in it as I do now. After listening to people’s stories, seeing the strength and dedication of women who fight for each other’s rights, and experiencing the majority of the state government’s frustrating resistance I truly feel a part of and connected with my belief that everyone needs the right to make decisions in their lives. Without decisions, what are we? Choices define who we, as individuals and as communities, are. If our right to make choices about life-altering situations and events is stolen from us, how would we know who we are and what would we, as a country, become?

My incredible experience at Planned Parenthood and the amazing, passionate people there have given me the tools and strength I need to grow and expand as a woman and as a pro-choice supporter. I had a choice to intern at Planned Parenthood and I am so thankful for that choice and opportunity. I learned invaluable lessons and information, met some awesome people, and loved every minute of it.

Thanks Laura, we appreciate all your help this summer!