Friday, February 19, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sb 2216 has even more questions now!

SB 2216, the statistical reporting for abortion act, has added even more questions to their list:

Question 15:
Reason given for abortion (check all applicable):
Having a baby:
Would dramatically change the life of the mother: ____
Would interfere with the education of the mother: ____
Would interfere with the job/employment/career of the mother: ___
Mother has other children or dependents: ____
Mother cannot afford the child: ___
Mother is unmarried: ____
Mother is a student or planning to be a student: ___
Mother cannot afford child care: ____
Mother cannot afford the basic needs of life: ____
Mother is unemployed: ____
Mother cannot leave job to care for a baby: ____
Mother would have to find a new place to live: ____
Mother does not have enough support from a husband or partner: ___
Husband or partner is unemployed: ____
Mother is currently or temporarily on welfare or public assistance: ____
Mother does not want to be a single mother: ____
Mother is having relationship problems: ____
Mother is not certain of relationship with the father of the child: ____
Partner and mother are unable to or do not want to get married: ____
Mother is not currently in a relationship: ____
The relationship or marriage of the mother may soon break up: ____
Husband or partner is abusive to the mother or her children: ____
Mother has completed her childbearing: _____
Mother is not ready for a, or another, child: ____
Mother does not want people to know that she had sex or became pregnant: ____
Mother does not feel mature enough to raise a, or another, child: ___
Husband or partner wants mother to have an abortion: ___
There may be possible problem affecting the health of the fetus: ____
Physical health of the mother is at risk: ____
Parents want mother to have an abortion: ____
Emotional health of the mother is at risk: ___

How about it's none of your business:____X_____

Bills to be heard today

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee will be hearing four anti-choice bills today after the session ends. Those bills being heard include:

SB 1890 - Prohibiting abortion based on sex selection(no proof this is happening)
SB 1891 - Freedom of Conscience Act (infringes on patient rights)
SB 1902 - Regulation of RU486 (allows father of fetus to sue abortion provider)
SB 2216 - Statistical Reporting of Abortion Act (would cost the state $250,000 a year and possibly, in rural communities, one could deduce who had an abortion.

These are the same bills which were rolled in HB 1595 last year and are currently being challenged in court.

Click here to find out who is on the Senate Health and Human Services committee and ask them to vote no today on these bills. Only information and prevention are effective in reducing abortion not oppressive restrictions by politicians!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another petition to sign...

Received an email from the Feminist Majority Foundation for another petition to stop the anti's super bowl ad. Click here to sign it!

Sign a petition to ban the anti-choice super bowl ad!

The closer the super bowl gets, the more on edge I am about the anti-choice ad CBS approved to run during the game. I hope that you are doing your part pro-choice Oklahoma to sign a petition to stop the ad from airing. If you haven't read the latest article, I'm actually wondering what Mrs. Momma Tebow was doing traveling out of the country late in her pregnancy. Wouldn't some say that is child endangerment?