Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sb 2216 has even more questions now!

SB 2216, the statistical reporting for abortion act, has added even more questions to their list:

Question 15:
Reason given for abortion (check all applicable):
Having a baby:
Would dramatically change the life of the mother: ____
Would interfere with the education of the mother: ____
Would interfere with the job/employment/career of the mother: ___
Mother has other children or dependents: ____
Mother cannot afford the child: ___
Mother is unmarried: ____
Mother is a student or planning to be a student: ___
Mother cannot afford child care: ____
Mother cannot afford the basic needs of life: ____
Mother is unemployed: ____
Mother cannot leave job to care for a baby: ____
Mother would have to find a new place to live: ____
Mother does not have enough support from a husband or partner: ___
Husband or partner is unemployed: ____
Mother is currently or temporarily on welfare or public assistance: ____
Mother does not want to be a single mother: ____
Mother is having relationship problems: ____
Mother is not certain of relationship with the father of the child: ____
Partner and mother are unable to or do not want to get married: ____
Mother is not currently in a relationship: ____
The relationship or marriage of the mother may soon break up: ____
Husband or partner is abusive to the mother or her children: ____
Mother has completed her childbearing: _____
Mother is not ready for a, or another, child: ____
Mother does not want people to know that she had sex or became pregnant: ____
Mother does not feel mature enough to raise a, or another, child: ___
Husband or partner wants mother to have an abortion: ___
There may be possible problem affecting the health of the fetus: ____
Physical health of the mother is at risk: ____
Parents want mother to have an abortion: ____
Emotional health of the mother is at risk: ___

How about it's none of your business:____X_____

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