Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Commemorating World AIDS Day on December 1st

As the international community marks World AIDS Day on December 1, 2008, Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma calls for renewed attention to the importance of testing and prevention to stop the spread of sexually transmitted infections like HIV/AIDS.

“Today, we reflect on the wide-reaching impact of HIV/AIDS and call upon elected officials to face these challenges with commonsense solutions to protect women, men and teens around the world,” said Terry Dennison, Director of Education for PPCO. “Through a real investment in education and testing, we can begin to effectively prevent the spread of this disease.”

Special events in our area include:
The annual World AIDS Day Memorial Service will be held Monday, Dec. 1, at the Mayflower Congregational Church at 3901 N.W. 63rd Street in Oklahoma City. The event is sponsored by the American Red Cross of Central Oklahoma and is supported by various community-based organizations including R.A.I.N., Red Rock North, Guiding Right, Inc. (G.R.I.), Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma, Logan County Health Department, Other Options and AIDS Walk of OKC. The event starts at 7 p.m., is open to the public, and everyone is invited to attend.

On Monday, Dec. 1, Guiding Right, Inc., will be providing counseling and HIV testing at Langston University from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. A Guiding Right, Inc. representative will also be presenting at a luncheon held on the same day.

The Health, Outreach, Prevention, Education (H.O.P.E., Inc.) in Tulsa is participating in a community-wide remembrance ceremony on December 1 at Unity Church of Christianity, 3355 S. Jamestown, Tulsa. The Tulsa AIDS Coalition sponsors the event and it will begin at 6 p.m.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Finally a victory for Theresa Hernandez

After almost five years in jail for having a still birth, Theresa Hernandez has finally been released to a addiction treatment center and her sentence reduced today. Although there is no medical evidence to prove that meth use causes stillbirths, Theresa accepted a plea bargain last year for murder. She should have never been placed in jail.

It was long fight to get to this point, congratulations to the National Advocates for Pregnant Women, Theresa's attorneys, the Oklahoma physicians who spoke so eloquently on her behalf and the many supporters who showed up to support Theresa today. Our thoughts are with you Theresa...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Free: Protect the Future of a Pro-Choice America

Crisis Pregnancy Centers...

If you're concerned about the possibility of being pregnant (unwanted or unplanned), you may want to stay away from Crisis Pregnancy Centers. The alternet had an interesting post you should read before you step into a CPC...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Here we go...

The anti abortion extremists have created their agenda, it's just a matter of time. Read this ARTICLE to get your blood boiling...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hard to be happy...

It's hard to be happy today when anti-choice legislators just took over both the Oklahoma Senate and House. This day...has become one long blur. There is nothing to stop anti-choice legislation from flying through both legislative bodies.


It's time to talk to our legislators and ask them to stop the war on women. As I write this the anti's are working on their "pro-family"/anti-choice agenda. What does "pro-family" mean? I'm sure it begins and ends with a ban on abortion. Whew, I said it. We're going backwards Oklahoma, you ready?

To stop an all out attack on reproductive rights in Oklahoma we need your help! Please begin to think about who you could recruit to join our pro-choice troops, we'll be recruiting soon.

Buckle down folks, we've got a bumpy ride ahead.

Monday, November 3, 2008

New study links teen pregnancy and sexy tv shows

Racy shows are all over the television these days so this shouldn't be to surprising. The RAND Company survey "found that teens exposed to high levels of sexual content on television were twice as likely to be involved in a pregnancy in the following three years as teens with limited exposure." Read more here...