Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hard to be happy...

It's hard to be happy today when anti-choice legislators just took over both the Oklahoma Senate and House. This day...has become one long blur. There is nothing to stop anti-choice legislation from flying through both legislative bodies.


It's time to talk to our legislators and ask them to stop the war on women. As I write this the anti's are working on their "pro-family"/anti-choice agenda. What does "pro-family" mean? I'm sure it begins and ends with a ban on abortion. Whew, I said it. We're going backwards Oklahoma, you ready?

To stop an all out attack on reproductive rights in Oklahoma we need your help! Please begin to think about who you could recruit to join our pro-choice troops, we'll be recruiting soon.

Buckle down folks, we've got a bumpy ride ahead.

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