Friday, March 26, 2010

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

From RH Reality Check: Let Down Again: Obama’s FDA Inexplicably Fails to Advance New Emergency Contraception Rules

Over a year ago a judge told the F.D.A. that they might want to actually go by scientific evidence as opposed to political ideology since it was the F.D.A. and not the Police What Goes Into Or Out Of A Woman's Body Brigade. After which, the F.D.A. seems to have stuck its fingers in its ears and went, "La la la la la..." for a year because you still have to ask a pharmacist for emergency contraception, and you still have to be at least 17 to ask for it despite there being no good reason to do so.

It would be great if someone started ponying up that scientific integrity they were so adament about...just sayin'.....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reform: Glacial, not Sweeping

RH Reality Check’s Jodi Jacobson gives a precise reading of the good and bad of the landmark health care reform that was just passed in this article.

Insurers will not be able to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions starting in 2014. Women will have more access to OBGYN and midwife care, and gender-rating has been partially eliminated. Free preventative care will begin in new plans starting in 2018. Medicaid has been expanded as well as funding for community health centers and primary health care doctors.

Now the bad…is pretty bad. You still have to pay more as you get older, and when it comes to group insurance plans, when you’re female. You don’t get any coverage for five if you’re a new immigrant.

And, of course, abortion care will continue to be eroded in private insurance.

This reform is by no means ideal, but it's something to work with. Optimism people! Optimism!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yeah, It Makes You Not Pregnant Anymore

According to Lori over at feministing, an anti-choice group known as Abortion Changes You has put up ads in NY subways playing the whole "You'll regret it!!" tactic.

Nevermind that, pregnancy? Changes the crap out of you. Especially when it's forced, and you don't want it.

Women get a range of feelings after getting an abortion. There is no evidence that post-abortion syndrome exists.

Wish we had the level of funding to be able to paper our as everywhere, unfortunately our funds tend to go towards helping women, which costs significantly more than scaring the crap out of them.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Every Day!

RH Reality Check has some really great stories that illustrate exactly why every day should be the national day of appreciation for abortion providers (which was on the 10th).

Short Answer: They're really awesome, determined, and caring people.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slow News Day Spotlight

Guernica has a wonderful interview with Oklahoma's own Elizabeth Warren on the ever dwindling middle class, and what should be done about it.

Look! A woman that can do math and talk responsibly about money! Amazing!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

For what it's worth...

The Oklahoma Supreme Court denied an amicus brief associated with SB 1878, reaffirming that the SB 1878 bill was unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court of the State of Oklahoma would like Legislators to know that they are, "growing weary of adminishing the legislature for so flagrantly violating the terms of the Oklahoma Constitution. It is a waste of time for The Legislature and the Court, and a waste of the taxpayer's money."

We're pretty weary too, now if only the anti-choicers would actually pay attention to he constitution...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Anti-choice bill number three passes the house

HB 2780 by Representative Lisa Billy passed the house yesterday, 87 to 7. This bill would require an abortion provider (which there are only three in the state) to peform an ultrasound one hour before an abortion. The bill also states the provider has to explain to the patient what is on the screen which the patient has the option "to avert her eyes". Not to mention the ultrasound option could be a transvaginal if the picture is clearer...which those aren't exactly a walk in the park anyway.

Oklahoma anti-choice legislators want to make sure us stupid Oklahoma women know exactly what's going on with our body.

Hmm. Would you like to track when were ovulating too? Maybe create a website called

Please call your senator and ask them to VOTE NO on the following bills:
HB 2780- Ultrasound one hour prior to an abortion
HB 2656 - states if a doctor your seeing doesn't have to tell you the condition of the fetus if he thinks you'll terminate the pregnancy;
HB 3075 - Mandating abortion providers have a sign posted in each clinic which states "you may not be coerced into having an abortion."