Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Anti-choice bill number three passes the house

HB 2780 by Representative Lisa Billy passed the house yesterday, 87 to 7. This bill would require an abortion provider (which there are only three in the state) to peform an ultrasound one hour before an abortion. The bill also states the provider has to explain to the patient what is on the screen which the patient has the option "to avert her eyes". Not to mention the ultrasound option could be a transvaginal if the picture is clearer...which those aren't exactly a walk in the park anyway.

Oklahoma anti-choice legislators want to make sure us stupid Oklahoma women know exactly what's going on with our body.

Hmm. Would you like to track when were ovulating too? Maybe create a website called

Please call your senator and ask them to VOTE NO on the following bills:
HB 2780- Ultrasound one hour prior to an abortion
HB 2656 - states if a doctor your seeing doesn't have to tell you the condition of the fetus if he thinks you'll terminate the pregnancy;
HB 3075 - Mandating abortion providers have a sign posted in each clinic which states "you may not be coerced into having an abortion."

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