Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reform: Glacial, not Sweeping

RH Reality Check’s Jodi Jacobson gives a precise reading of the good and bad of the landmark health care reform that was just passed in this article.

Insurers will not be able to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions starting in 2014. Women will have more access to OBGYN and midwife care, and gender-rating has been partially eliminated. Free preventative care will begin in new plans starting in 2018. Medicaid has been expanded as well as funding for community health centers and primary health care doctors.

Now the bad…is pretty bad. You still have to pay more as you get older, and when it comes to group insurance plans, when you’re female. You don’t get any coverage for five if you’re a new immigrant.

And, of course, abortion care will continue to be eroded in private insurance.

This reform is by no means ideal, but it's something to work with. Optimism people! Optimism!

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