Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bills to be heard today

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee will be hearing four anti-choice bills today after the session ends. Those bills being heard include:

SB 1890 - Prohibiting abortion based on sex selection(no proof this is happening)
SB 1891 - Freedom of Conscience Act (infringes on patient rights)
SB 1902 - Regulation of RU486 (allows father of fetus to sue abortion provider)
SB 2216 - Statistical Reporting of Abortion Act (would cost the state $250,000 a year and possibly, in rural communities, one could deduce who had an abortion.

These are the same bills which were rolled in HB 1595 last year and are currently being challenged in court.

Click here to find out who is on the Senate Health and Human Services committee and ask them to vote no today on these bills. Only information and prevention are effective in reducing abortion not oppressive restrictions by politicians!

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