Friday, June 8, 2007

Theresa Hernandez

As we sit here anticipating the outcome of a meeting with newly elected District Attorney David Prater and the attorneys representing Theresa Hernandez I can't help but wonder...why is this punishment so extreme for a wanted pregnancy?

The anti-choice, anti-woman, incubator only attitude in this state needs to be redirected.

Our fight begins with abortion but also includes the threat of decreased access to birth control, a challenge from think tanks such as the Oklahoma Council on Public Affairs attempt to shut down the women studies program at our universities, pharmacies in rural Oklahoma denying patients birth control because of their religious beliefs, and the truth that abstinence only programs are not working yet they continue to receive federal funding!

Why doesn't this scare the bejeezus out of Oklahoma women? Please post your thoughts!

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Anonymous said...

A wanted pregnancy? I do not believe that this was a wanted pregnancy. It does not take a genius to know that doing meth during pregnancy could endanger the life of your unborn child. With or without pre-natal care, this is common sense! She took a chance and killed her unborn child. Even if this child survived, think about the future for this child. Yes, meth is an addiction, but so is smoking. MANY women quit smoking when they are pregnant. This is a choice. There are too many child that suffer with problems from irresponsible parents doing drugs during pregnancy. Where do yo think our murderer and psychopaths come from? I am an Oklahoma woman and NO, I am not afraid because I would never harm my unborn child by polluting my womb with meth. So I am not worried about getting charged. And yes, I do have people i my life that do these drugs, but I have to be responsible for my family. This woman was selfish. Her other 4 children were also around this environment. I would not do that to the unborn child or my family.