Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Will Women Go Out of State?

SB 139 is going to haunt the low-income women who have complicated pregnancies in Oklahoma. We worked so hard to stop this bill from becoming law in the form of SB 714 but were unsuccessful when it became SB 139. The bill flew through the House and Senate in three days. The bill passed without the signature of Governor Henry and desperatly needs amendments for the sake of women's health in our state.

Jennifer Mock with the Daily Oklahoman wrote this article on the possible implications of this terrible bill.

"Will women go out of state?"


Anonymous said...

I also wonder how many businesses will go elsewhere because of this ridiculous restriction on important health care. "Let's see, if I choose to locate my company in Oklahoma, my employeds will be forced to carry high-risk pregnancies and doomed fetuses." Gee, that would make we want to move here. I still can't figure out why so many of our legislators preach "limited government" in every aspect of our lives except for sex. Do they not have anything better to do?

Anonymous said...

The answer is yes, women will go out of state. At least the rich ones will.