Thursday, November 15, 2007


The National Advocates for Pregnant Women did an outstanding job organizing yesterday's forum on Women, Pregnancy and Drug Use: Medical Facts, Practical Responses and the Well-Being of Children and Families.

Check out the Oklahomans article on yesterday's forum.

Research from Dr. Barry Lester, Ph.D., who directs the Brown University Center for Study of Children at Risk, Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, and Professor of Pediatrics, shows that there is no increase in physical damage in meth exposed infants. Dr. Lester also talked about the implications of women who do not get treatment while pregnant and the cost to society.

Other speakers included Carol Mason, Ph.D., OSU; Martha Kendall Holmes, MSW, LCSW; William Yarborough, M.D., FACP; Mary Barr, Executive Director of Conexions; and our friends Dana Stone, OB/GYN, M.D. and Eli Reshef, OB/GYN, M.D.

Nancy Goldstein, Tiloma Jayasinghe, Lynn Paltrow; Joann Horn, Kathleen Wallace, and Jim Rowan deserve a big round of applause for their efforts in helping Teresa Hernandez. We've got our fingers crossed that she will have her sentence reduced on December 21st.

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