Monday, January 14, 2008

The license plate saga continues...

For more than four years, a lawsuit to allow Oklahomans the option of choosing a pro-choice license plate has been declined. This is in retaliation of the "choose life" license plates created in 2004, which benefit organizations that counsel women to continue their pregnancies. The Supreme Court declined to hear Hill v. Kemp and let stand the 2007 ruling by U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit.

In a statement from the Center for Reproductive Rights:

"We had hoped that the plaintiffs would be given an opportunity to pursue their freedom of speech claims in federal court. Pro-choice Oklahoma drivers are being denied the opportunity to express their point of view, while anti-choice drivers are granted the right to spread propaganda that not only supports their political opinions, but is explicitly sanctioned by the state government. State lawmakers could have resolved this issue simply and fairly by making pro-choice plates equally available, but they have so far refused. Together with Debevoise, we will explore all available options to ensure that the important federal claims raised by these Oklahoma residents will be fully heard."

The Center for Reproductive Rights will continue to fight for the pro-choice plates.

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Jay said...

What is the current status of all this? North Carolina just ruled the Choose life plates as Un-Constitutional, as they also refuse to offer a pro-choice option.