Wednesday, May 20, 2009

HB 1595 awaiting Govenor Henry's next move!

Just when we thought the battle for HB 1595 was over, Anti-choice extremists bombarded legislators with e-mails asking them to fund the bill despite a high cost estimate from the Health Department. Now, the bill is sitting on Governor Henry's desk!

A fiscal impact report for HB 1595 estimates that the initial cost would be $281,285 ($40,000 more than a similar program proposed last year) and $256,285 for subsequent years. This program will cost Oklahoma taxpayers more than $1 million over four years. Furthermore, the Oklahoma State Department of Health already has a website to collect statistics for abortions -- OK2SHARE, making HB 1595 redundant. Oklahoma deserves a fiscally responsible government during these difficult economic times.

You can stop HB1595! Tell Governor Henry to VETO HB 1595. CLICK here to send an email today!

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orangecrayon said...

Unfortunately, he signed it into law this afternoon. Here's hoping it doesn't survive a legal challenge...