Monday, August 17, 2009

The difference between night and day

Recently, on an outing with my husband, we were served by our usual waitress we've known now for about five months. She was always courteous and helpful, johnny on the spot with our beer. Never really talked about personal stuff with her until last weekend, she showed some interest in getting to know me better.

Of course her second question after do you have kids was "where do you work?" "Planned Parenthood," I said hoping she would say I love Planned Parenthood. "Planned Parenthood?" she said, "but don't they do abortions?" I'm thinking that wasn't the response I wanted to hear. "Well, yes many affiliates do, but our affiliate isn't one of them." She replied "well I'm from Illinois and I've seen those terrible signs outside the clinics and well, I just don't believe in abortion." The smile faded from this once happy 20 something and she walked away. As I sit there beerless and a little put out by her response, I'm reminded that it will always be an uphill battle here in Oklahoma.

I'm not sure when or where it was said in life that if you meet someone who works at Planned Parenthood you should immediately pass judgement. I'm married and a mother of two, I work hard, I play hard, I've got bills, I volunteer in my community, and I WORK AT PLANNED PARENTHOOD OF CENTRAL OKLHOMA AND DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!!

Thank goodness for our friends out there...reading this blog...who become fans of our facebook page...who follow our are the best!

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