Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sign the petitions to STOP STUPAK

The widespread effect of the STUPAK-PITTS amendment will be devastating to women across the country. Please click here to sign the petition to STOP STUPAK!

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Dominic said...

the very act of having an abortion indicates that the person understands that are stopping a child from being born, people have abortions because they don't want to deal with a child for whatever reason.

now im going to call abortion what it is, murder. and this is why its murder.

does sperm equal a baby, does an egg equal a baby? no they don't. but a sperm and an egg combined make a zygote (at some point), and a zygote makes a fetus and a fetus makes a baby and babies make you's and me's. if the conditions are right, fertilized eggs equal human life... guaranteed.

so the the act of aborting at any stage of development is the murder of human life, because fertilized human eggs have only one function... human life.

there are better ways to handle an unwanted child, (and again lets not be silly, its the future child you dont want to deal with, not the pregancy its self) and guess what you were a zygote once upon a time.

many churches have programs to help single mothers with food and clothing, whatever is needed. all you got to do is walk in say "hey im pregant, im debating abortion, i don't know what to do". adoption is also another option that is far better than abortion.

listen, i doubt there is any woman that wants to look ,one day down the road, at her 1 year old baby and say "i killed my own daughter before she even got out of the womb".

if you have had an abortion yourself, don't despair. i can understand why a woman would consider such a thing. perhaps she's alone, poor, afraid, been raped, the list (unfortunately for the wonderful women that God created) goes on and on. and though i can't attest to the what thats like i can say that breaks my heart that you and many others face such choices.

however, know that in the eyes of our lord Jesus you are beloved and more precious to him than anything. you don't have to carry the shame, and you don't have to justify your actions by supporting blogs about something you now know was wrong.

The Lord is willing to forgive and to show you a way to save you daughter or son, you need only ask him and seek a different solution.

in love,
Dominic DeCaro