Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cheers for Schoolkids

Senator Mary Easley of District 18 is introducing a bill (SB 1381) that would ensure all curricula and materials used for the purpose of sexual and reproductive education in public schools would be medically accurate.

Simply yanking something from Yahoo Health or another .com with an agenda would no longer be acceptable. Instead instructors would have to keep in line with the rest of academia, by providing concrete scientific evidence that has been published and peer reviewed by mainstream academic organizations. In short, scientific objectivity, not the instructor's or the school's own personal viewpoint, would be enforced.

We are glad that Easley, a retired educator herself, recognizes the need for this sort of legislation. If it passes, it will go into affect November 1st, 2010. Cross your fingers fellas.

The entire text of the bill can be found here. Just click on Senate; then click 2010 Regular Session; then click Introduced. Hit search, then after it's loaded scroll down to SB 1381.

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