Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Senate overrides Governor Henry's Veto of HB 3284

Exhausting. Once again, anti-choice/anti-woman legislators have overridden yet another veto from Governor Henry. Debating to sustain the veto on HB 3284 were Senators Rice, Wilson, Eason McIntyre, C. Johnson and Adelson. Suprise of the day was the addition of Republican Senator Jim Reynolds to the debate reiterating the fact the goverment should be staying out of personal healthcare decisions.

The gallery was a sea of pink thanks to many pissed off women and men who made their voices not only heard but seen today and yesterday. You betcha we're pissed.

Please thank Senators: Adelson, Ballenger, Crutchfield, Easley, Eason McIntyre, C. Johnson, Laster, Leftwich, Lerblance, Paddack, Reynolds, Rice, Sparks, Sweeden, and Wilson for standing up for reproductive rights in Oklahoma!

There's one more bad bill we want Governor Henry to veto and that's HB 3290 which bans insurance coverage for abortion. Make your calls today, keep up the pressure...

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