Friday, July 16, 2010

We Love Us Some Pro-Choice Muckraking

So by now everyone should have heard of the awesome documentary 12th and Deleware coming to HBO on August 2nd. If not, the link goes to the trailer, and the documentary is about crisis pregnancy centers and how evil and manipulative they are, to put it a blunt and concise way.

In the same vein NARAL of California has released an awesome report on CPCs in the California area. (Warning: the link opens to a PDF).

And lastly, RH Reality Check's Charlotte Taft details her dealings with a CPC calling itself The White Rose (named after an anti-Nazi resistance group, isn't that classy) when she ran a clinic in Texas in the 80's.

NARAL has a letter to and that everyone can sign, asking the websites to take down any and all CPC advertising that misleads consumers into thinking they provide abortion services, thus violating terms of service for the websites.

Just by looking under Abortion Alternatives (unfortunately, this category doesn't seem to be against TOS policy) in Oklahoma on Yahoo Local, there are 10 listings just within Central Oklahoma. One group has almost as many locations as Planned Parenthood does. Not cool.

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