Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bullet dodged for now...just wait until next week!

The Oklahoma Legislative session ended early this week thanks to a whole bunch a snow!  This buys pro-choice Oklahomans a little time to gain momentum for grassroots organizing.  We know...there is little chance of stopping any legislation this year but hear us out. 

As terrible as many of the anti-choice bills are this year, we want you to know that Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma, Planned Parenthood of Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma and many other pro-choice organizations (OCRJ, Sally's List, ORCRC, CRR and PPFA) are still going to put up a fight to protect our reproductive rights. 

One thing we've learned over the years, it takes many to stop any legislation!  More than ever, we need you!  Join our action network today by emailing to receive important legislative updates which you can forward to your friends and family. 

It will take MANY TO STOP ANY and we're counting on you!

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