Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Trust Oklahoma Women

Tomorrow is “Rose Day” at the Oklahoma State capitol.   The annual “Rose Day” event draws hundreds of people to the capitol to deliver roses to legislators and show support for extreme anti-choice legislation introduced every year. 

To offset the large attendance at Rose Day, Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma in coordination with Planned Parenthood of the Heartland created a social media campaign called #RejectTheRose. This is your opportunity to give a voice to the pro-choice, pro-woman, pro-family movement during a time when legislators will be swarmed with anti-choice messages.  

Tweet, post and pin at your convenience, tag your legislator and encourage your legislators to #RejectTheRose.  Use the hash tag #RejectTheRose in all of your communications so we can track our impact and measure our success!  Here are some messaging examples you might use:

·         (Insert your name or organization) believes that access to comprehensive health care is the real solution. #RejectTheRose
·         Nobody knows a woman's specific situation — we're not in her shoes. #RejectTheRose
·         Women's health matters. #RejectTheRose
·         Trust Oklahoma Women! #RejectTheRose
·         We all want to protect women's health.  #RejectTheRose
·         As legislators consider policy on women's health, it's critical to listen to doctors and medical experts who know legal abortion is safe. #RejectTheRose
·         The ability to control your own fertility is a fundamental human right. #RejectTheRose
·         Decisions about childbearing should be made by a woman, in consultation with her family, her doctor, and her conscience — not politicians. #RejectTheRose

Thank you for standing up for women's health and reproductive rights in your community, for current generations, and for generations to come.


Your friends at Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma

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