Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Gonorrhea, Ya'll!

There are 300,000 newscases of gonorrhea reported each year! Like chlamydia, gonorrhea can cause PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) in women and urethritis and epididymitis (causing pain and swelling in the testis) in men. An infant passing through the birth canal of an infected mother may contract gonococcal conjunctivitis, and infection in the eyes that can cause blindness if untreated.

Quite frequently this STI shows no symptoms at all, however when someone has gonorrhea they could experience several symptoms. In Males the first symptoms are due to urethritis, which causes urinary discomfort and a thick, yellowish white or yellowish green discharge from the penis. Up to half of males have very minor symptoms or none at all, which is why it is important to get tested regularly. Most females with gonorrhea often experience pain with urination, increase in vaginal discharge, and severe menstrual cramps. Gonorrhea can also infect the throat or rectum of people who engage in oral or anal sex.

Gonorrhea is treatablevia antibiotics, and preventable via consistent, proper condom use (so wrap it up, ya’ll!). Gonorrhea is detectable through samples of urine, cervical, urethral, throat, or rectal fluids may be collected, so the test is simply and fast.

If you are sexual active and are having any of the following symptoms come into any of our Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma locations to receive the Peace of Mind Package, which tests for 8 STD’s. Hurry and call (405)528-2157 to set up your appointment today before the end of April. #GetYourselfTested #GYT 

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