Monday, March 31, 2008


SB 1878 may go to a vote this week. This bill includes:

An ultrasound provision requiring a woman to endure an invasive medical procedure and listen to a description provided by the doctor with the ultrasound screen facing the patient. "They don't have to look", is the statement from authors Rep. Peterson and Rep. Billy;

Under the so-called "wrongful life" provision, a medical professional who intentionally fails to perform available tests, even when requested, or who intentionally fails to accurately report to the parents of a fetus the results of such a test, would be totally immune from legal consequences;

The so-called "Freedom of Conscience" provisions shatters the boundary between the conscience of the healthcare provider and the conscience of the patient;

The requirement of posting signs in abortion clinics stating that a patient may not be coerced into having the procedure is yet another scare tactic by legislators to bully women; and

The language regarding Mifepristone, aka RU-486 which was approved by the FDA nearly six years ago, is legislating how physicians practice medicine. Doctors, not politicans should decide what information and care is best for their patients.

Please contact your Representative today and ask them to vote no on SB 1878!

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