Monday, March 10, 2008

Interesting Week in the House...

For those of you who haven't heard, the House has until Thursday evening to pass more than 200 bills or the bills will die an untimely death. We can only hope the following bills drop dead this week:

HB 2181 - Law stating that only state certified physicians can prescribe and administer Mifepristone (RU486);

HB 2628 - As introduced, HB 2628 states, “A school district shall not allow a nongovernmental entity, organization, or agency that…provides information about abortion services to be involved in the teaching of a sex education class…or to provide any curriculum, materials, tests, or surveys to the school or teacher for use in a sex education class or program.” HB 2628 not only makes it more difficult for public school students to have access to a variety of sources for sexual health education, it would prohibit Planned Parenthood in particular from being involved in any way.

HB 2771 - "Freedom of Conscience Act" relating to professionals abstaining from procedures they morally object;

HB 3059 - Requires signs be posted at all abortion provider facilities informing patients of their right to not be coerced into having an abortion;

HB 3144 - Increases regulation for women seeking an abortion, requiring an ultrasound one hour prior to the abortion procedure (with the screen facing the patient and an explanation of the view on the screen);

Already passed in the House is HB 2814. House Bill 2814 would make it clear that an Oklahoman couldn't sue a doctor, claiming the physician should have counseled a mother to abort her child. Sullivan, R-Tulsa, said the legislation fosters respect for babies with disabilities. A lawsuit would not be affected if the doctor is negligent in any way, Sullivan said.

Please check back, we'll update you on what bills pass and need help getting these killed in the Senate.

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