Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good News!

Normally I don't like to rejoice at the downfall of something or someone, but I'm making an exception in this case. NPR and the AP are reporting that Operation Rescue is almost completely and totally out of money. I found this surprising because just a month or so ago the group announced their intention to publicly consider purchasing Dr. Tiller's clinic.

I'd like to think that OR suffers from a dearth of funds because people are finally growing more comfortable with the notion of choice, realizing that it is here to stay, and focussing the charitable giving elsewhere. Sadly, I think NPR has it correct in saying that, in fact, people probably shy away from the organization because of its connection to the murder of Dr. Tiller via contact with and donations received from the murderer, Scott Roeder.

No doubt the American Life League and other explicitly or nominally anti-choice organizations continue to receive their donations. We can, however, take some measure of comfort that one of the most militant organizations seems to be clutching anywhere for life in a world that, bit by bit, sees their fear and ignorance based goals as less and less pertinent to the health and well being of our society.

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