Thursday, September 3, 2009

Operation Rescue's Goal: Unwanted, Unloved, and Impoverished Children

Obviously anti-choicers want to strike funding for abortion and the like, but it seems ironic, conceptually, to try to take away funding for abortion services (a service predominantly used by women from disadvantaged backgrounds) from a government health option designed to address the healthcare needs of low income individuals. It’s pretty ridiculous, don’t you think, to strike out one of the most pivotal services for low income individuals from a plan designed to help that very same group?

At any rate, I’m writing in response to this post about opposition to a medically inclusive health reform plan set forth by our “friends” at Operation Rescue.

Needless to say, I hope that each of you is very much giving thought to what a boon universal health coverage would be for the United States’ citizenry. Then, with particular regard to the above post, be sure to let your legislator know that any health reform should include funding that supports women’s health by giving them a full line of reproductive choices.

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