Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SB 2001 - Statistical Reporting of Abortion Act

SB 2001 was recently gutted and filled with language from another bill to create the Statistical Reporting of Abortion Act. This bill would require abortion providers to ask women the following questions:

1. The date the abortion is performed;
2. The age, marital status, and race of the mother;
3. The number of years of education of the mother;
4. The state of residence, county of residence, and ZIP code
of the mother;
5. The total number of previous pregnancies of the mother,
and of those, how many resulted in live births and how many resulted
in an abortion, and of those resulting in abortion, how many were
spontaneous, and how many were induced;
6. The approximate gestational age, in weeks as measured from
the last menstrual period of the mother, of the unborn child subject
to abortion;
7. The method of abortion used;
8. Whether the abortion resulted in an infant being born
alive and, if so, whether life-sustaining measures were taken, and
how long the infant survived;
9. Whether anesthesia was administered to the mother and, if
so, what type;
10. Whether anesthesia was administered to the unborn child
and, if so, what type and how it was administered;
11. The method of fetal tissue disposal;
12. The reason(s) for the abortion; (none of your business)
13. The complication(s) of the abortion;
14. The method of payment;
15. The type of medical health coverage;

Misogyny is alive and well in Oklahoma. This information with the exception of the mothers name, will be posted on a state funded website, at the cost of $240,000, for anyone to view at any time.

In the Fiscal Impact Report by the House Fiscal Director, "Long Term Considerations: Required data elements for these reports could allow identification of individuals in less densly populated areas of the state."

STOP THE ISANITY OKLAHOMA! Enough is enough, please call your represenative and ask them to vote no on SB 2001!

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