Friday, April 11, 2008

Sustaining a VETO

Now that SB 1878 has landed on the Governor's desk, we have some work to do gaining votes to sustain a veto. This gives us until Thursday to gain seven votes in addition to the ten who voted no earlier this week. I'll list the Senators first and group their email address together at the bottom.

Please contact the following Senators and ask if they would support a veto on SB 1878:

Sen. Randy Bass (D) - 405-521-5567
Sen. Sean Burrage (D) - 405-521-5555
Sen. Charlie Laster (D) - 405-521-5539
Sen. Debbe Leftwich (D) - 405-521-5557
Sen. Susan Paddack (D) - 405-521-5541
Sen. Nancy Riley (D) - 405-521-5600
Sen. John Sparks (D) - 405-521-5553
Sen. Joe Sweeden (D) - 405-521-5581
Sen. Charles Wyrick (D) - 405-521-5561

Their email addresses are:;;;;;;;;;

Senators which voted no against SB 1878 could use an encouraging email to help sustain the veto:;;;;;;;;;;

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