Tuesday, April 15, 2008

They don't think you care...

A group of physicians, activists and grasstops spent the day at the state capitol trying to secure the seven votes needed to sustain a possible veto from Governor Henry. There were more "maybe" answers than anything. Tomorrow the Governor will veto or sign SB 1878. This is our last effort to get individuals to call, fax or email the Governor and the following list of senators.

Please contact the following Senators and ask if they would support a veto on SB 1878:

Sen. Randy Bass (D) - 405-521-5567
Sen. Sean Burrage (D) - 405-521-5555
Sen. Charlie Laster (D) - 405-521-5539
Sen. Debbe Leftwich (D) - 405-521-5557
Sen. Susan Paddack (D) - 405-521-5541
Sen. Nancy Riley (D) - 405-521-5600
Sen. John Sparks (D) - 405-521-5553
Sen. Joe Sweeden (D) - 405-521-5581
Sen. Charles Wyrick (D) - 405-521-5561

Their email addresses are:

bass@oksenate.gov; burrage@oksenate.gov; laster@oksenate.gov; holland@oksenate.gov; paddack@oksenate.gov; rileyn@oksenate.gov; sparks@oksenate.gov; sweeden@oksenate.gov; wyrick@oksenate.gov;

There has never been a time your action has been needed more! I know that pro-choice Oklahoman’s have strong voices – use yours now to contact the Governor’s office and urge Governor Henry to veto SB 1878. You can do so by phone, fax, or email.

Call the Governor’s office at (405) 521-2342 and let them know you would like to see Governor Henry veto SB 1878.

Fax a letter to the Governor’s office at (405) 521-3353 that urges him to veto SB 1878.

Send a message to Governor Henry through his website by clicking here!


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Chris said...

Well, I've called, I've written letters to Henry and the senators, and I'm trying to get others to do so. Think it'll do any good?