Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yesterday, the Oklahoma Senate passed five onerous pieces of legislation. Four of which are extreme:

HB 2656 limits damages for wrongful life and birth actions which allows doctors to lie to patients about the status of the fetus if the physician belives you'll terminate. Also you can't sue the doc.

HB 2780 requires an ultrasound one hour before an abortion procedure with what ever type of ultrasound would give the clearest view while the provider tells the patient what he is viewing on the screen (vetoed in 2008);

HB 3284 which creates a reporting website (duplicate site) filled with private information about why a woman chose to terminate a pregnancy (vetoed in 2008); and

HB 3290 which regulates the use of RU-486 (the abortion pill) and was also amended to include a ban on insurance abortion coverage in Oklahoma. (similar to 2007's law)

Pro-choice or middle of the road alike, these are terrible bills and need to be stopped. Please contact Governor Henry today and ask him to veto these bills AGAIN!!!!!

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