Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HB 2656 and HB 2780 overruled

Well, its true. We were one vote shy of sustaining the governor's veto of HB 2656 and HB 2780. Outstanding debates from Senators Adelson, Rice, Wilson, Leftwich, McIntyre, Lerblance, and Connie Johnson. Also voting with us were Ballenger, Crutchfield, Sparks, Sweeden, and Wyrick.

I have to say, these folks really have a grasp reproductive health issues and we thank them for their brave stance against these horrible bills...

Governor Henry...thank you for your veto...

It's been a tough day for reproductive rights in Oklahoma...be sure to thank Rep. Lisa Billy, author of HB 2780 and Rep. Daniel Sullivan, author of HB 2656 for their intrusion of our private lives.

Might as well email them when you have an annual exam too.

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